Who is the gallery Franka Löwe working for?

Who is our target audience?

This is the question about the target audience. Primarily we want to reach you, the arty people, the secret collectors, the art-lovers. Because in the gallery Franka Löwe, you will find affordable originals in a historic atmosphere with history and stories. That means, you will not only have a nice experience, but you will also acquire a unique story, which is worth sharing.

Heirs and testamentary executors also belong to our target audience, because we are always looking for decorative pieces of art that need a new home. We don’t purchase, but we offer a platform that allows for dignified marketing. In our gallery in the Arminiusmarkthalle (Berlin-Moabit) as well as the Internet.

This is art, not junk

And it does not belong in the dustbin. It is our mission to find a new home for well crafted and decorative art where it is appreciated. That is why the gallery Franka Löwe works for heirs and testamentary executors. We also take care of works of those artists who don’t have to live off their creations anymore, but who worry about what will happen to them later on.

Mission Possible

We are there for all of those who want to avert that their pieces of art end up in dark jumble shops, damp flea markets or even as bulk rubbish. Because many pieces of art, even by talented amateur artists, are too valuable to be discarded.

We respect the oeuvre of the artist and treat it likewise with appreciation. As a specialized vintage fine art gallery, we create a dignified ambiance. We also make it our responsibility to find a new, good home for the paintings, artworks and sculptures.

Contact and further information

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