Welcome to the Vintage Fine Art Gallery

Das Kunstantiquariat lädt Sie ein

A place of leisure

The historic Arminiusmarkthalle offers many culinary delicacies for the creature comforts. Since January it also offers something for the eyes and for the soul: beautiful watercolour paintings, canvases and sculptures in the antiquarian art gallery Franka Löwe.

“I am curious, but I have no time and I have to keep moving”. That is the sentence that I keep hearing almost every day. But most of the time visitors stay for at least 10 minutes, after taking a quick glance at the paintings. They are surprised about how many pieces of art fit into a small gallery without it appearing over-ornate. There is always time for a short chat, bags are being put down and eyes are being cast over the pictures.  Afterwards, they carry on with a smile on their face. That is exactly how it is supposed to be.

This is how the smallest gallery in Moabit in Berlin came about.

Originally, the 13 m² sized room was a men’s restroom. Maybe that is why the second most commonly asked question of visitors to the market hall is whether if or where the restrooms can be found here. But this is likely a coincidence because the antiquarian art gallery is a place of rest, but it has nothing to do with the restroom anymore.

After extensive reconstruction measures in the beginning of the 90s, the small room was used by a medical pedicure shop. Unfortunately, a new false ceiling prevented daylight from entering the room. That is why, when the nail shop moved out, the small room sat vacant for a long time. After being used as a storage room and an office room, a small internet media company moved in, in 2013. This company also installed skylights, so daylight was able to enter the room again. In October 2013 I rearranged the room and equipped it with extra skylights, so it could fulfill its new purpose. By the way: The skylights also offered a view of the old arched ceiling and the window system again.

The antiquarian art gallery invites you!

If you drop by the Galerie Franka Löwe, you are guaranteed to do something good for yourself. You will see beautiful paintings as well as objets d’art and you can catch your breath. And of course, you can buy something.

  • Opening times: Friday to Saturday, 12 – 8 pm
  • Location: Arminiusmarkthalle, behind “Alimentari e Vini”
  • Entrance: Bremer Straße 3-9 (10551), to the right

And don’t worry: Items are not only decorative, but they are also very affordable. The price for all paintings lies mostly well beneath 100 Euro (without frame).