How does the Vintage Fine Art Gallery work?

The Vintage Fine Art Gallery sells pieces of art retrieved from estates primarily on a commission basis. For that purpose, a corresponding contract will be concluded. The contract will be designed depending on your personal goals and our capabilities. It has to be a match. What we cannot offer are continuous sales and exhibition operations. We are too small for that.

Art from estates

Lack of space and limited opening times are the reason we cannot take responsibility for artists who are dependent on revenue generated from the sales of their art. That is why we do not accept fully “active” artists. That is the reason why the acquisition of artworks is possible only very rarely. But we will happily help out with our contacts.

Marketing through events

The artist’s oeuvre is marketed either through regularly changing exhibitions or the individual works are included in thematic exhibitions. This depends on what estates we get a hold of.

Our events

The gallery Franka Löwe regularly organizes vernissages and a “Get-Together-Event” once a month. You can register yourself here or subscribe to our newsletter. Important for you: If you subscribe to our newsletter or for information regarding our events, you will only get the information you requested. This means: You don’t have to worry about a flurry of newsletter-mails from our art gallery. Because we don’t like spam ourselves.

Events in the Arminiusmarkthalle

During major events in the Markthalle, like for example the Lange Nacht der Weine (long night of wines) or the Kiezfest (neighbourhood block party) the art gallery will, of course, be open outside the regular opening hours. For some events, you will need an invitation or you need to acquire a ticket.  You will be able to obtain necessary information via the respective organizer.

Advertising activities

Advertisement takes place in coordination with the marketing activities of the vendor community in the Arminiusmarkthalle. Classical PR measures, own marketing and working with social networks like Facebook also play an important role. That is how an international audience can be reached. On special occasions, advertisements will be placed in the traditional media like newspapers for example.

Contact and further information

You can find out everything about how, why and for whom in the following article:


If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us. Subscribe to our newsletter or register for one of our events.